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Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena is perched in a stunning location in the mountains of the Neva valley. The medieval houses cluster in a circle around the base of the castle, which was built in the 12th century as fortification against the raids into the interior by the Saracens, and is nowadays privately owned.

Over time, the inhabitants of Castelvecchio had drifted away from the old village into newer housing in the surrounding areas. However, most of Castelvecchio has today been reconstructed and reinhabited. The architecture is noteworthy for its mixture of Mediterranean-style terracotta roofs and typically ligurian narrow winding stone streets and windows with decorative plaster surrounds.

You can hardly believe that such a village has survived unspoilt into the 21st century. It’s a fairytale tangle of winding cobbled streets and medieval stone houses on a green and rocky hilltop…

Castelvecchio is appointed to the Club of the most beautiful Castles in Italy: Borghi piu Belli.

In the wonderfull surroundings is our house, La Casa, situated.

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House with amazing views
Our house is designed with four bedrooms, two livingrooms, a study, a library, two bathrooms (one with a washing machine) and a kitchen with dining space – and of course several terrasses… one with outdoor kitchen.

Click to see pictures and drawings from the house, LA CASA.


In Castelvecchio you are close to:

  • The nice beaches of Alassio, Laigueglia, Varigotti, Noli and Albenga
  • A plethora of restaurants, pizzerias, osterias, farmer stalls and markets etc.
  • Shopping in Alassio, Savona, Genova and Nice
  • Cultural experiences in Torino, Milano, Nice, Cannes and Genova
  • Olive, fruit and wine yards in the surrounding
  • Garlenda Golf Club with a golf course 6.085mt long.
  • Sports as: mountain climbing, bicycling, hiking, trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, riding, sailing, skiing, surfing, diving, tennis, fishing and wandering.


Albenga – 2500 years of Liguria
Albenga is the greatest monumental and historical center of the Riviera di Ponente. In fact, it dates back to the 6th century and it was an ancient center of the Liguri Ingauni, but later it became a Carthaginian colony then a Roman colony. However, in the year 1000 it became one of the first independent Maritime governments. It participated in the first crusade and in the 12th century it was annexed to the Republic of Genoa. Today, Albenga is famous for its production of fruit and vegetables and it has also became a well-known seaside resort. Since it has ancient origins the small city is rich in monuments and religious buildings that have a great artistic and historical value. Very beautiful is the Cathedral of St. Michele as well as the nearby Romanic Church of St. Giorgio that contains prestigious frescos. There is also the 13th century town of Villanova that offers magnificent castle walls and within you can admire the Pozzo. You should also visit the Romanic Parish Church of St. Stefano that has a typical 13th century bell tower. Beyond its outstanding monuments you can enjoy the magical Gallinara Island that offers a breathtaking view during sunrise or during sunset. Behind Albenga, in the middle of the valley of the Lerone Torrent there is the ancient town of Garlenda that offers well-equipped sporting facilities and an exclusive 16 hole golf course. From here you can visit the ancient ruins of castles that surround the towns of Zuccarello, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, and Balestrino.



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